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BIOGRAPHY – PUBLISHING - EXHIBITIONS 1948    Born in Zilina (Slovakia). 1972    Begins to publish and exhibit photographs and he receives 1st place in Slovak  photography exhibition. 1973    Exhibits abroad for the first time at  the Torino  Photographic Salon (Italy). 1974    Author’s first individual exhibition in Kosice (Slovakia). 1979    Begins to create as a freelance photographer – illustrator in advertising photography. Author’s first individual exhibition abroad  Helsinki (Finland). Photos in Annual Photography Year Book 1979 (England). Photos in magazines Camerart (Japan) and Kamera Lehti (Finland). 1977   First awards at international expositions in Rosario (Argentina) and Gijon (Spain). A member of Photographic Society of America (PSA). 1983   Exhibition “Pictures from under Rozsutec” in Gallery Kotva, Prague (Czech Republic). Award of the Quick magazine (Germany) between 130.000 photos. Visited abroad Western Europe for the first time. 1984   A member of Australian Photographic Society (APS). Awards International Photo Salons Southampton (England) and Graz (Austria). A member of Slovak Union of Visual Arts (SVU). 1985   Publishing in  the magazines Image (Australia), Fotografie (NDR), Australian Photography (Australia). Publishing in the Annual Photography Year Book 1985 (England). Takes pictures in Paris (France). 1986   Publishing in  the annual “Europäische Fotografen” (BRD) and publication “Slovak Foto 3” (Slovakia). 1987    Participation in the workshop R.I.P. Arles (France). Group exhibition of Czechoslovak photography in Budapest (Hungary). 1988   Author’s exposition and his attendance at the opening of Linhof Gallery, Munich (Germany). Author’s exposition in Povazska Gallery of Art, Zilina (Slovakia). Photos in  the History of Slovak Photography (L. Hlavac). 1991    Founding of his own company ABV Studio. 1994   Fashion photography in New York (USA) 1995   Takes pictures in New York (USA). He begins to take pictures on a personal project "From intimate diary". 2000  Photos in “Photo Annual 2000” (Graphis publishing, New York, USA). Photos in “Nude 3” (Graphis publishing, New York, USA). 2002  Author’s symbolic exposition “New York – Days Before…”, Palfy Palace, Bratislava  (Slovakia). 2003  Author’s exhibition “New York – Days Before…”, Saris Gallery, Presov (Slovakia). Bard College (USA) purchases his photography for their collection.  Build own Photo studio. 2004  QEP certificate (Qualified European Photographer) from Federation of European Photographers (FEP). Titul AFIAP from international organisation FIAP. Member of international organisations FEP and FIAPTake pictures for KIA the metamorphosis of the land and construction of factory KIA Motors Slovakia. Renames his company to Photography factory. 2005  Author’s exhibition “Footprints” (metamorphosis of land – Kia construction), Gold Wing  Gallery, Zilina (Slovakia). Publication of members of QEP certificate from FEP.  2006  Nomination on “Henkel Art Awards”, Vienna (Austria). Nomination on award “The Personality of Slovak Photography”. Photos in “Foto SK 2006” – almanac of selection of 13 Slovak photographers (PhDr. M. Pauer) Exhibition of the contemporary art, Povazska Gallery of Art, Zilina (Slovakia). 2007   Exhibition “Foto SK 2006”, Bratislava, (Slovakia) and Budapest (Hungary). Author’s individual exposition “Body Shapes”, Czestochowa, (Poland). Take pictures of countryside in Tuscany (Italy). and The National Parks in Western USA. Publishing a book “KIA 2004 -2007” (Slovakia). Places own photos  into interior of  SSE company (Slovakia). 2008  Group exhibition “Foto SK 2006”, Berlaymont,  Brussels (Belgium). Group exhibition and publication “Selection” of Professional Photographers Association of Czech  Republic, Group exhibition  of  Slovak members FIAP „Slovak retrospektive“, Bratislava (Slovakia) Photos in Photo Art – magazin fine art photography (Czech Republic). First author´s photo book „Pictures under Rozsutec“ and Second  author´s photo book „ Zilina- photos“. Group exhibition „Lux Collegium“, Bratislava (Slovensko) a Moravská Trebová (Czech Republic). Author’s  individual exhibition „From intimate diary“,  PGU Žilina (Slovakia). Take pictures of The National parks in Western USA. 2009  Places own photos into interior of  Town Hall Martin (Slovakia) and SSE company (Slovakia). Silver and bronze Awards from FEP, Brusel (Belgicko). Author’s exhibition „Western Amerika“, hotel Victoria, Martin  (Slovakia). Author’s exhibition „Pictures under Rozsutec“, Buchcafé, Karlsruhe (Germany). Group exhibition „A pleasant addiction “, Moravian Gallery, Brno (Czech Republic). Takes picture of landscapes  Brittany and  Paris. 2010   Gold Awards from FEP, Brusel (Belgie). Places own photos into  new interior of  SSE company (Slovakia). Author’s  individual exhibition „From intimate diary“, Slovak institut, Berlin, (Germany). Group exhibition „ Selection 2“, Vsetín  (Czech Republic). Group exhibition „Slovak retrospective“ Slovak institut, Budapest (Hungary). Takes Picture landscapes  Brittany , Paris and Tuscany (Italy). 2011    Author’s exhibition „From intimate diary“, Orava Gallery, Dolný Kubín (Slovakia). Take pictures of The National parks in Western USA  and landscapes in Tuscany (Italy). He starts like free-lance photographer in your own studio. 2012    Group exhibition of the members of Slovak Union of Visual Arts (SVU), Košice (Slovakia). Beginning teacher at the Secondary scholl sv. Jozefa Robotníka, Zilina (Slovakia). 2013     Author’s  individual exhibition „From intimate diary“, Slovak institut Moscow (Russia). Bronze Award from Pano Awards (Australia) for landscape panoramic photos. 2014      Take pictures of The National parks in Western and Central USA. Finalist of  competition FEP  - landscape photos. Author’s exhibition „From intimate diary“University of Zilina, (Slovakia). 2015       Author’s exhibition  Park 1977/ 2015, Zilina (Slovakia). Author´s exhibition „Secrets“, Castle fy  Rona, Lednické Rovne (Slovakia). Author´s exhibition „Selection From Intimate Diary“ SOHO Gallery, Zilina (Slovakia). Group exhibition FORMA, Umelka Gallery, Bratislava (Slovakia). Group exhibition „Between Volga and Danube river“, Aircraft Gallery, Bratislava (Slovakia). 2016       Publishing author´s photobooks „ Intimate“ and  „ Route 66“. Author’s  individual exhibition „Landscape of my heart“, Slovak house, Prague (Czech republic). Author’s  individual exhibition „Park 1977/2016“ , City Hall of Zilina , (Slovakia). Group  exhibition, SOHO Gallery, Žilina (Slovakia). Takes pictures  of landscapes USA on the Pacific coast and desert White Sands to realize  its own project “The Never Ending Story  of Planet Earth”. 2017        Author´s exhibition „People and landscapes under Rozsutec Hill“ -City Hall of Zilina and Budatin Castle, Zilina (Slovakia). Group exhibition in Grodno, (Belorus). 2018         Finalist of  competition FEP in Dublin - Silver award- landscape photos Present day He directs his work to advertising and fine art photography. In the past years, he has cooperated with glass companies in Slovakia and abroad when doing advertising photography and catalogues for the visual and utility glass. Address:     Klemensova 15, 010 01 Zilina, Slovakia,   E-mail: vladobaca@vladobaca.sk   www.vladobaca.sk    


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