QEP : Qualified European Photographer

The Qualified European Photographer (QEP) qualification aims to recognise and reward excellence in European Professional Photographers. It is designed to complement national awards systems and has over the years created a Europe-wide network of over 500 certified experts who share a passion and talent for professional photography.

To reach this level, a photographer must have excellent technical and artistic skills, the panel must have, besides technical talent a certain wow-factor that sets them apart from others. For a QEP application a panel of 12 printed and mounted images is required, all representing the candidates’ chosen field of specialization.

Image by Markus SchmuckImage by Markus Schmuck

Image by Filipe SantosImage by Filipe Santos

Image by Ulrich SchulteImage by Ulrich Schulte

Image by Caroline TangheImage by Caroline Tanghe

Image by Emmi VirtanenImage by Emmi Virtanen

Image by Igor DvoretskiyImage by Igor Dvoretskiy

Image by Andre SchönherrImage by Andre Schönherr

The Application Process

The application & payment are made online and once confirmed the candidate submits their panel of prints via post for assessment by a jury consisting of five MQEP and QEP holders.

Judging sessions occur twice per year, you can find the next session’s time and location in our events calendar. The online application form opens approximately 4 months before the judging session takes place.

A QEP application fee is 185€ (or 170€ with the early bird discount). To be successful a candidate must have the approval of at least three judges.

For a full set or rules and regulation, please click here

Image by Rob VengaImage by Rob Venga

QEP Benefits

Earning a QEP Award in your chosen discipline (such as Wedding, Portrait, Commercial, Landscape, Reportage etc) will win you a certificate of excellence, a useful personal profile on our Online QEP Photographers pages as well as access to special offers, services and information via the europeanphotographers.eu website.

Image by Thomas WozakImage by Thomas Wozak

Privileged Entries

QEP Photographers also get special pricing for (1 set of 3 images for free) our annual FEP Awards Competition.