The FEP Qualifications System

If you are a member of one of our recognised associations then you already are one of us.

The FEP Qualifications System

The FEP is an internationally respected, not for profit qualifying organisation for photographers since 1999, supporting and networking with photographers and governments worldwide.

For more than 20 years the FEP has represented over 50,000 professional photographers, with internationally-recognised, distinctions and a standard of excellence that reflects all levels of experience, skill and achievement.

The FEP delivers education and professional development together with a code of ethics and a demanding qualifications structure, together with a programme of events and a number of special promotions on some products and services.

With international members there’s a vast community of support accessible to all. Being an FEP member is a tremendous way to confirm your professional status within the photographic industry. Can you afford not to be part of this?

Should you wish to progress with professional qualifications in photography then the FEP Qualifications System is the way forward.

One of the reasons people aim for our qualifications is because they enjoy being part of a community with international competitions, conferences and events providing opportunities to interact with like-minded photographers worldwide.

Our tiered qualification structure is recognised across the world as a standard of excellence, with three levels, reflecting increasing stages of experience, skill and achievement; EP & EV, QEP & QEV and MQEP & MQEV.

You will already be aware of the benefits of joining a professional association, by striving for excellence within the FEP you will be going a step further. Benefits provided by associations may vary, but generally all professional associations endeavour to enhance your credibility in the eyes of your clients.

FEP is the ultimate step on that journey, increasing customers’ confidence and giving you extra benefits, such as our directory listings, links to your own website, access to the FEP Facebook page, networking opportunities, competitions, events, seminars and conferences at preferential rates. Once you have achieved your FEP goal there are no further subscriptions or fees to be paid apart from any specifically referring to an event etc. Even your accountant would think it a great deal!

Photography Qualifications

Image by Miet NeirinckxImage by Miet Neirinckx


The European Photographer (EP) qualification is a professional’s first international step and aims to recognise competence and a professional standard for those who earn their living as professional photographers.

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Image by Thomas WozakImage by Thomas Wozak


The Qualified European Photographer (QEP) qualification recognises and rewards excellence in European Professional Photographers.

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Master QEP

The Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP) Certificate is awarded to photographers who have demonstrated an outstanding command of their craft.

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Instructions video

We have prepared a video  that will explain to you what is expeced from your application panel and will  guide you through the process of selecting images for you panel. You can find the video here


We are offering mentoring help for aspiring qualification candidates. Our successful MQEP photographers of various areas of expertise and language backgrounds can give you advice on putting together you panel for a QEP/MQEP application. If you want to seek mentoring, please get in touch with out qualifications Chairman Jim Lowe ( qepchairman(at) ) and he will put you in contact with a mentor suitable for your needs.


The FEP selects its judges on merit alone. Find out more about the selection process of the judges here