FEP Video Qualifications

Photographers have embraced the moving image.
Professional photographers have realised they are not just photographers but image makers. The traditional skills of the photographer, which included darkroom work with chemicals and enlarging equipment have all vanished. Photographers have embraced the digital era,in fact it was required to enable them survive in today’s market.

The photographers now have easy access to moviemaking equipment. Most of the high-end professional SLR cameras also produce high quality video material. with social media placing a high value on video. It made economic sense for professional photographers to learn the video skills to enable them produce professional presentations.

The FEP has a proven track record with its award system. For many years still photographers have been able to achieve European qualifications from the FEP. These qualifications have verified their skill levels and produced a common standard within the European union. The FEP is very jealous of the awards it offers and this has led to the FEP holding meetings of international photographers to assess candidates for the FEP awards.

In acknowledging the expansion of professional photographers into video making, the FEP has put together a series of awards to acknowledge the videographers skills and provide a European standard for these awards.

The three award levels offered by the FEP are described below


European Videographer (EV)

This is the entry-level award which recognises a basic level of video skills by its members. The awards are judged by an international panel online.To achieve this award, the videographer must provide evidence of a basic level of competence in shooting, editing and presentation of his or her work. This award is judged online.

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Qualified European Videographer (QEV).

The qualified European videographer award is parallel to the QEP, the Qualified European photographer. This award recognises excellence in video production. It takes into account the candidate’s ability to tell a story succinctly and effectively. High level of skill in shooting, editing and presentation of submissions is required. This also is judged by an international panel of videographers and is judged online.

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Master Qualified European Videographer (MQEV).

This award will recognise the highest levels of skills by its candidates. It requires artistic interpretation, exceptional video recording skills. Editing of the highest standard and the skilled use of sound within the production will be essential. Like the MQEP awards, this award will be difficult to achieve as this represents the highest possible level of skills in this field.

The MQEV will be judged by an international panel gathered together for the sole purpose. The judges will have access online to the videos prior to the judging.they will then meet and view the videos again together. The FEP will take into account that successful candidates will represent the epitome of video production in Europe in makeing this award to candidates.

So far no candidate has been awarded the Master Qualified European Videographer award.

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