Results of the 7th edition of the FEP Photo Book Prize

During the FEP Awards ceremony on April 13 2024, the results of the 7th edition of the FEP Photo Book Prize were announced. The winners are:

Winner of the 7th Edition of the Photo Book Prize.


by Sara Affolter, published by Edition Lammenhuber

“Magnificent animals of regal beauty, subdued and demeaned by humans in their quest for owner-ship through cages and chains. Yet, their pride remains untamed and untouchable. An enchanting and original work featuring stunning photos and skillful layout, momentarily contrasting the majes-tic allure of fur and plumage with stark images of captivity. The cover, with its suggestive imagery, is strikingly beautiful.”

Reportage Category Winner 2024


by Ana Abrao

“An enchanting expedition into the discovery of a distinctive Asian microcosm. Delving into
ancient customs, beliefs, and traditions, it offers valuable insights akin to an anthropological
essay illuminating the rituals and myths of everyday life. Precious in its teachings, it is also an intriguing anthology of ethnic refinement.”

Portrait Category Winner 2024

Watch Me

by Lucille Feremans

“A skillful blend of portraits with unique characteristics and flawless use of Polaroids makes this volume delightful and captivating. It is only fitting to pay tribute to the career of such a talented and imaginative photographer.”

Lifestyle Category Winner 2024

American Bedroom

by Barbara Peacock

“Unfiltered images of astonishing beauty delve into desires, pains, and hopes that unfold behind the closed doors of our private lives, offering a profound and authentic glimpse into the complexity of human experience.”

Street Photography Category Winner 2024


by Ximena Echagüe

“The images masterfully blend drama and irony, propelling us into the infinite variety of visible and invisible cages in which humanity, whether unwittingly or by choice, finds itself trapped.”

Nudes Category Winner 2024

Pierrot Era Donna

by Joseph D’Ingeo

“A body sculpted beyond limits, an ambiguous mask reminiscent of the myth of Endymion, poetic yet raw black / white images. Masculine and feminine, uniqueness and duality, dream and tension intertwine and unravel within this volume, captivating and evoking a range of contrasting reactions.”

Monographs Category Winner 2024


by Victor S. Brigola

“The apparent simplicity of the visual journey is capable of illustrating habits and lifestyles. Almost an anthropological essay. It is a small, well-crafted, attractive, and indicative book. The photos are magnificent examples of pop art.”

Commercial Category Winner 2024

Alltags Fantasie

by Joanna Szproch

“The meticulous colour research, the exquisite choice of materials, the consistent alternation of
graphic elements, the thoughtful layout and the captivating sequence of images all speak to the professionalism and creativity behind this beautifully crafted volume. The recurring presence of pink, in its various forms and shades, unfolds throughout the pages, evoking a sense of continual beauty and uplifting the mood.”

Self Published Category Winner 2024

Travel in Time

by Daan Oude Elferink

“Neglect, abandonment, the harshness of the seasons, the power of nature – none of these can dim the beauty of these places. Instead, they enrich them with new and unexpected allure. The ruins captured in this volume, indifferent to time and decay, continue their remarkable existence, exuding a sense of magic. These stunning images evoke art, customs, and lives, eliciting a sense of fascinated wonder and aesthetic fulfilment.”

Special mention

Spiritualni Krajina

by Jan Pohribny

“The jury wants to reward the imagination and spirituality of this book. Images that give anxiety and lightness at the same time. Excellent creation and layout.”

Special Mention

Republika Attelios

by Juris Poiss

“The excellent black and white and the elegant typography enhance the thirty years of work of a talented image professional, who has ranged professionally from portraits to landscapes, always with care and imagination.”

Best Publisher Winner 2024


Lois Lammenhuber

“The meticulous search for materials, the painstaking attention to detail, the thoughtful choices of graphics and layout, the suitability of bindings, and the intelligent selection of subjects are the hallmarks of the Edition Lammerhuber works. They exhibit diversified styles yet remain consistently rich and focused, offering visual and tactile satisfaction.”