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Spend your time doing activities that help your business grow and let us handle the grind of post-production retouching. We’ve worked with professional photographers and photo labs for 30 years and can certainly make a difference to your bottom line. No contracts. No minimums. Only use us for what you need. Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. You have many deadlines to meet so our 24-hour turnaround time, with rush options available, helps ensure you’re never falling behind.

We’re proud to be partners of the FEP and look forward to serving you! We welcome and encourage you to ask any questions you have – we’re here to make your life easier! To help us get off on the right foot, please use coupon code FEPPHOTOGRAPHER for $10 in free services. Click here to get started!

Email: customerservice@retouchup.com

Customer Service hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Mountain Standard Time

German company Neurapix has developed an artificial intelligence that is able to learn a photographer’s individual image editing style and apply it to all future photos within Adobe Lightroom Classic. This allows photographers to have large numbers of photos edited…
• in their own look
• at lightning speed (600 images/minute)
• at most competitive prices
… resulting in significant time savings compared to a static Lightroom preset. Only 20 edited photos are required to create an individual SmartPreset!

Neurapix is a proud partner of the FEP and embraces the opportunity to connect with talented photographers from all over Europe! We are convinced that our Lightroom plugin can change your life, if you are dealing with great amounts of pictures to be edited before client deadlines.

Try it yourself! We created a special link for all FEP friends so you can test our plugin with 1,500 FREE EDITS.
Just install the Neurapix plugin from the Adobe Store, create your own SmartPreset and get started. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Co-Founder Simon.
Email: simon@neurapix.com

Photocloud is the easiest and most efficient way to enable your customers to order photos online. Just upload the photos to the service and we’ll take care of everything from there on. Whether you’re a school photographer, wedding photographer or event photographer, we got the tools you need. From organizing photography events to automatic photo sorting and customizable follow-up e-mail campaigns.

Have your own idea what kind of christmas cards (or pretty much any other products) your customers want? No problem, just design your own with our easy-to-use product designer or pick what you want from our existing designs. We try to make you look as good as possible. From the login screen to the photo selection to the shopping cart and payment screens we have worked hard to make the service as beautiful as we can. Everywhere we show your logo, your name and your contact information. It’s even possible to run our service under your own web-address.

Our whole system is designed to be usable with all modern devices, from mobile phones to tablets to laptops to desktop computers. Your customers will love it and more importantly they will love you because of it. Our service is also 100% risk-free. If it doesn’t bring you any sales, it doesn’t cost you anything.* Want to know more? Visit our site and get on board with Photocloud!

Worldwide: www.photocloud.io
Norway: www.fotosky.no
Sweden: www.fotosky.se
Finland: www.kuvatilaus.fi





Dedo Weigert Film is one of the world’s leading precision lighting instrument manufacturers and distributors for film, photo, video equipment and accessories.

Dedo Weigert himself is a cinematographer, CEO and company founder. As well as being respected, liked and awarded (with both a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Oscar’s Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and an Emmy Award from The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences), Dedo actively invents and advances professional film, photo and video equipment.

dedolight tools stand for precision and perfect lighting control. This lighting system offers an immense variety of compact-sized, lightweight tools for professional image making; creative instruments that enable solutions for studio and on-location work; these tools provide a great amount of pleasure for those who work with them.

Energy-efficiency has been an important consideration since the first classic dedolight from 1984. Small size, yet a lot of clean light without disturbing effects in color or intensity inconsistency, the beam is clean and focused with no stray light.

While direct light is one of our pleasures. Indirect light is certainly no less interesting.

For reflected light, we call our system dedolight Lightstream. It is based upon either a stand alone 1.2 KW parabolic light called the PB70, which provides an incredibleamount of light, yet can be powered from any household plug. dedolight Lightstream also features an armada of intensifier lenses, which can be put in front of every existing dedolight focussing light. These intensifier lenses convert the beam to an almost parallel beam. During this process the lightoutput is intensified up to 500%.

Interested? To find out more visit the dedolight YouTube channel :


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