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ChromaLuxe® is proud to be a partner of FEP since 2013. The members of the FEP have given ChromaLuxe®  a very valuable insight into the photographer’s artistic mind, so Chromaluxe® can even better respond to their needs. Giuseppe Scozzi, CEO of the Federation of European Photographers: “The FEP is very happy to have ChromaLuxe as a partner company. It is a chance for the single photographer to increase his business and the FEP is the right forum to introduce this product to 50.000 photographers…”

By partnering the European Federation, ChromaLuxe intends to act as both a student and a teacher to the European Professional Photographer. On the one hand we are aware that there is a lot to be learned from a network of pan-European photographers and their cultural variances, on the other hand we aim to inspire the professional photographer to choose ChromaLuxe as their preferred print choice for commercial, social and fine art photography.


The Leading brand of sublimation print media

ChromaLuxe® is the leading brand of sublimation print media providing ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Through dye-sublimation, images are infused into specially coated surfaces to provide the most durable, longest lasting print medium. There are a wide range of substrates ideal for almost every use.  ChromaLuxe® is perfect for professional photographers and for Fine Art and high end professional photo printing. ChromaLuxe® provides exceptional quality of detail and resolution that allows the photographer or artist to turn their artwork into a fine art print.

Universal Woods EMEA

ChromaLuxe® is part of the Universal Woods group of companies. Universal Woods EMEA recently moved from Schelle to Boom. It was established in 2011 to support sales of ChromaLuxe and sister products in the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. All manufacturing of ChromaLuxe product is done at the Louisville plant to very strict quality and environmental standards. The company produces the following brands – ChromaLuxe, Unisub (sublimated gift media) and Resindek (flooring system).

Our Company Policy

We believe that …

  • People are our greatest asset;
  • Fair benefit to all parties is essential to success;
  • Expectations influence results;
  • Learning is essential to existence and growth

Contact the EMEA office at

e-mail: marketing.emea@chromaluxe.com

online: www.chromaluxe.eu

Tel.: +32 (0)3 870 5400

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Koy Lab is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and printing of digital photography albums. Founded in 1977, as a professional photography lab, we soon initiated our search for new challenges and markets and, therefore, since 2001, we have been developping our business in printing and creating digital albums, guided by the wish of meeting the needs and expectations of professional photographers.

The variety of products and services, always subjected to rigorous quality control, our delivery times and our competitive prices have allowed us to respond positively to this purpose, along with our growth and position in this industry.

Our mission

Koy Lab’s mantra is excellence in everything we do. This philosophy is fundamental in creating every product that comes out of our hands. We do not simply make another album. We are constantly innovating, reinventing and challenging ourselves to create products that redefine quality. Therefore, each product is the best of us and of this art.

Our team

We are a family business and our team, or family, as we like to call it, include our clients, which are the centre of everything we do. At Koy Lab, we respect each one’s individuality, but we all have a wish in common: creating the best albums. This desire is translated into the products we present our clients.





Dedo Weigert Film is one of the world’s leading precision lighting instrument manufacturers and distributors for film, photo, video equipment and accessories.

Dedo Weigert himself is a cinematographer, CEO and company founder. As well as being respected, liked and awarded (with both a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Oscar’s Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and an Emmy Award from The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences), Dedo actively invents and advances professional film, photo and video equipment.

dedolight tools stand for precision and perfect lighting control. This lighting system offers an immense variety of compact-sized, lightweight tools for professional image making; creative instruments that enable solutions for studio and on-location work; these tools provide a great amount of pleasure for those who work with them.

Energy-efficiency has been an important consideration since the first classic dedolight from 1984. Small size, yet a lot of clean light without disturbing effects in color or intensity inconsistency, the beam is clean and focused with no stray light.

While direct light is one of our pleasures. Indirect light is certainly no less interesting.

For reflected light, we call our system dedolight Lightstream. It is based upon either a stand alone 1.2 KW parabolic light called the PB70, which provides an incredibleamount of light, yet can be powered from any household plug. dedolight Lightstream also features an armada of intensifier lenses, which can be put in front of every existing dedolight focussing light. These intensifier lenses convert the beam to an almost parallel beam. During this process the lightoutput is intensified up to 500%.

Interested? To find out more visit the dedolight YouTube channel :


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Visit the dedolight website at :


FOTO FAYER is a photo business located at Opernring 6 in the heart of Vienna, close to the Vienna State-Opera, including studio, professional photo lab and merchandising.
Its roots in Vienna go back to 1925 when George Fayer, – whose uncle studied with Daguerre – established a photo studio and after two years associated with another famous studio, Pietzner.
In 1942 his daughter Lillian Fayer took over the studio and made it even greater with photographing all the stars for the State Opera. Her pictures expressed heart and soul of the people she portrayed.

Time passed by and the requirements of the customers changed. Her son, Andreas Barylli-Fayer overtook her business, soon he recognized the needs of the customers and built a professional photo lab as portraits went into decline. Today Fayer is very well known as one on the largest and best equipped photo labs in Austria. Analogue films are still developed in especially designed tip and dunk film-hanging-machines, and enlargements with a big Lambda-Laser printer are produced for big companies as well as Duratrans for Cosmetic branches. Fine Art digital printing, mounting and framing complete the range of services.


Spend your time doing activities that help your business grow and let us handle the grind of post-production retouching. We’ve worked with professional photographers and photo labs for 30 years and can certainly make a difference to your bottom line. No contracts. No minimums. Only use us for what you need. Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. You have many deadlines to meet so our 24-hour turnaround time, with rush options available, helps ensure you’re never falling behind.

We’re proud to be partners of the FEP and look forward to serving you! We welcome and encourage you to ask any questions you have – we’re here to make your life easier! To help us get off on the right foot, please use coupon code FEPPHOTOGRAPHER for $10 in free services. Click here to get started!

Email: customerservice@retouchup.com

Customer Service hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Mountain Standard Time