FEP Young Photographer Award 2021 Results

Announcing Raïs de Weirdt as FEP Young Photographer Award 2021 winner

Previously there were 2 separate competitions for young photographers, FEP Emerging Talent Award for photography students and a special category at the main competition for student and young photographers. In 2020 these two were combined and merged into the FEP Young Photographer Awards.
We are now proud to announce Raïs de Weirdt of Belgium as the second FEP Young Photographer Award winner. In addition to this, 2 merits were awarded to Lene Fossdal from Norway and Jan Rabara from Slovakia.

The winners were revealed during the FEP Awards online gala on Sunday, April 11. If you want to revisit the ceremony, the recording is available on our Facebook page.
The Chairman of this Award, Jim Lowe says: “As a photographer, being able to articulate your impressions and thoughts through the use of a camera is invaluable; not many people have that skill but the entrants in this year’s Young Photographer Award do. The winning submission portfolio which is not only aesthetically strong but thought provoking.
It is great to such young talent feeling so passionate about their photography and I know the judges found it very difficult to pick a winner.

As chairman of the jury the diversity and creativity of styles shown by each entrant certainly demonstrates they are thinking more about their photography and the message they are portraying in their portfolios.”

Congratulations to all winners!