Petr Jan Juračka

Czech Republic - Asociace Profesionálních Fotografù Ceské Republiky

Qualified European Photographer


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In 1985 I was born with very poor sight. First year of my life my parents did not realized something is wrong, but at the age of 16 months it was pretty clear I see almost nothing. When the doctors supposed me to lose my vision at all very soon, it was a shock for them. My dad is an artist and he wanted to lecture me in the arts since the childhood. My mom is a nurse, but her true passion is amateur drama. Maybe, that is why they did not accept doctor's opinion and tried to find a help. And they found! Thanks to God, to a lot of work of professional kindergarten teachers, great support of my parents and a lot of eye-training I see. And I see perfectly! Since the times my vision went good I enjoy every detail, every color and I admire any type of light. My father and me made use of every opportunity to take some shots outdoor until my 20. Now I am a researcher at Charles University in Prague. At the same time I am a professional photographer and work for the Faculty of Science as well as for the Prague Zoo and Bohemian Switzerland National Park. One part of my work , maybe the most interesting one, consists of magnifying very small organisms to large prints using special microscopes and various microphotography technologies. Hopefully you will enjoy that as I do 🙂


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