Robert Smits

Belgium - Nationale Vereniging van Beroepsfotografen - NVB

European Photographer


Wedding Social/Reportage Underwater photography


I am Robert Smits, a Dutch guy living in Belgium (I know….). The passion for photography started at a young age, my mother always pressing a camera in my face in my childhood. Around 2003, my interest shifted from being a subject to being the button-fiddler behind the camera. That’s the place I am in my zone the most. Having always been passionate about water, I started diving a lot in 2012, it felt logical to capture the wonders of nature beneath the waterline. The colours, shapes, encounters with big animals and so much more, are out of this world and were enormous triggers to improve my knowledge and techniques. I feel humbled to be allowed into this magical place below the waves. Because of the obliged surface intervals I kept on practicing above water. This led to become intrigued in human photography too. I love to explore the human emotions and I found pleasure in getting the emotions right in the picture. I thrive on experimenting with techniques, lighting, settings, people, places,…


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