Paul O'Connell

Ireland - Irish Professional Photographers Association - IPPVA

Qualified European Photographer


My name is Paul, a native of Dublin City, and a graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology. I've always had an interest in photography and after studying computers and multimedia at college, I found myself drawn to the idea of pursuing photography as a full time career. With a passion for capturing interior spaces and architecture, I have focused on photographing commercial and residential interiors and exteriors for fit out companies, architects and interior designers, while pursuing other photography projects in my spare time. With the world today becoming more and more image-driven, I'm very aware of the importance that aesthetics have to play, and how essential this is for my clients. In addressing this, I ensure high-quality architectural and interior imagery is produced for every project I works on. In creating these images, I begin by understanding the needs and expectations of my clients. This, along with meticulous attention to detail and in depth knowledge of photo editing and post-processing techniques, allows me to draw attention to the important attributes that make every building and it's interior special.


45 Ashington Close
Navan Road