Martin Steenhaut

Belgium -

Master Qualified European PhotographerQualified European Photographer




Martin Steenhaut is a passionate nature photographer who tries to capture the beauty and vulnerability of our nature with strong moments and unique views. An all round photographer who emphasizes on birds, mammals and landscapes, always with the utmost respect for his subject. A photo is not a trophy that you can make at all costs. With the ever growing popularity of nature photography, there is unwanted pressure on nature. Therefore, respecting your subject and avoiding disturbance is a golden rule. And that idea is also reflected in every image of Martin. With regular exhibitions, lectures and publications he tries to share his passion with the general public. His work has already been awarded several times in important international photo competitions. With as highlights a worldwide 2nd place in The World Photographic Cup in the USA, in fact the Olympic Games of the professional photographers. He also won the 1st prize in Landscapes at the famous Montier-en-Der photo festival in France. Recently he was awarded the high European QEP label, as Qualified European Wildlife Photographer. Sharing his moments and also amazement, and make people aware remains his motive.


Rue de Crupet 23