Kyrylo Baranovskyi

Ukraine - Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers - UAPF

Qualified European Photographer


Advertising Commercial


I was born in Odessa in 1985. Since 2003 I’ve been working on TV, as an editor and then editing director. I’ve been doing photography since I was 9-10 years old, as soon as I had my first Kodak. In 2006 my hobby started to transform into my profession. My first steps in photography were in candid shooting (reportage) for a range of internet portals, magazines and newspapers. In 2009 photography superseded TV and became my job and profession. In 2009 I quit candid shooting and started studio photography. Since 2012 my main specializations are food, drinks and interiors. I moved to Kyiv in 2018. I shifted a little bit my focus and now I have a special interest in photo shooting of objects, commercial ads, etc. However, I still make photos of interiors and restaurants. Within these 2 years I participated in 2 big projects for Kenya, one of which “Pride food trophy” became onenof the winners at “APA Awards Kenya” in 2018 and became one of the nominees for “Cannes Lions” in 2019. In addition I had successful cooperation with the following brands: McDonalds, Nemiroff, Carte Noire, Jacobs, Pickwick, Чернигівське, МХП, Нова Пошта, Приправка, Чумак, Danone, Nestle, MAWI, Acvia Melt,  Price, MerSea, Varvar, Elle, Bolgrad, Rabota.UA, Простонаше, Левада, Водный світ, Наша ряба.


Goncharova st. 21 ap. 48