Ivan Kovalyov

Ukraine - Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers - UAPF


Was born in 1985 in Donetsk, Ukraine. After graduating from school, he entered and in 2007 graduated from the Donetsk National Technical University with a degree in Power Supply of Enterprises and Cities. After working for 9 years by education, an energy engineer was fond of photography as a hobby. Since 2016, he began to study this art form in depth, which has borne fruit! And since 2017, I completely immersed myself in the world of photography and began to take part in various photo awards. My main genres are female classical and genre portraits, as well as fashion. I work with both studio pulsed light and natural light. Since 2019 my works have been published in such magazines as: Moevir, Elegant, Imirage, Gmaro, Picton. At the moment I work as a freelance photographer, and also provide individual training in photography and retouching. Awards: TOP35 photographers of the planet in the genre of "Woman's portrait" 35AWARDS 2019, WPE 2019 Silver medalist in portrait genre, WPE 2020 Silver Medalist in Portrait genre, Winner of 35AWARDS 2020 "Color female portrait", TOP5 photographers of Ukraine according to 35AWARDS 2020, Laureate of 35AWARDS 2020 in the genre "Fashion and Glamor", as well as the best photo of the year in this genre. Publications: ELEGANT (USA, Los Angeles), ELEGANT KIDS (USA, Los Angeles), IMIRAGE (Canada, Toronto), PICTON (cover) (USA, New York), GMARO (France, Paris), OPIUM RED (Ukraine, Kiev), TTPMAG (Canada, Hamilton), MOEVIR (France, Paris), SMITH & GALE (USA, Miami), VIGOR (Canada, Ontario).


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+380501697156 ivankovalyov.com/en