Jerónimo Heitor Coelho

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Qualified European PhotographerMaster Qualified European Photographer


Corporate Commercial Portrait


“Most people talk about the process of photographing like taking pictures, however my job is to produce pictures, and that implies a creative process.” I enjoy my work both with the machine in hand and in front of the computer during the editing process. I like to think of photography as a complete process, from pre-production, through image creation, to retouching, printing, framing and much more. My work can be characterized as a magical realism, where the photographs I produce are the way I see and feel, editing is the way to create that magic. Storytelling is a job of passion. Each story must be continuously nurtured and evolved to the point where the biggest idea and the smallest detail fit together. I create stories based on values, emotions and subtle differences. This way of working, allows moments, messages, meanings and gestures to enter the narrative permanently, be it in a portrait, in commercial photography or in documentary photography. I combine technical training with my vision and feeling. I like to think that creativity coupled with an enormous amount of experience makes me a more reliable photographer for any task, whether working with people or inanimate objects. I consider myself a problem solver, a photographer who has his work base in the light.   Anything in the world can only be as strong as its history. And believe it or not, there is always a story to tell. Great stories have the power to move us, to shape us and to form our beliefs, and, we are the stories we tell.  


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