Ian Cartwright

UK - British Institute of Professional Photography - BIPP

Master Qualified European PhotographerQualified European Photographer


Commercial Portrait General


I like to think that creativity plus a tremendous amount of experience makes me an exciting, yet reliable choice for any assignment, whether working with people or inanimate objects. I could list all of my awards and qualifications, and all of my experience in various fields, but that would be boring. More important would be whether you like my work and if I have the ability to interpret your brief . Feel free to take a look on my website  to view my work and read the numerous testimonials from happy clients. I consider myself a problem solver, a master of light, and a person capable of getting 'performances' out of people, whether they are relaxed models or terrified ordinary people who just hate having their photos taken. My MQEP panel's concept portrays human development from conception to old age from a female perspective.


5 Pingate Drive Cheadle Hulme
United Kingdom


+44 (0) 161 4852318


+447712863864 www.caramelphoto.com