Hanna Derecka

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European PhotographerQualified European Photographer


Portrait Cherubs and children Familly and Pregnancy


Portrait, family and children photographer, I run a photo studio for 7 years in Legnica, Poland. Mother of four children aged 2-16.  By education I am a master of economics.In photography I love portraits and showing children, as they are, not always smiling, sometimes thoughtful and melancholy. I like eye contact with the model. In the postproduction, I play with colors, textures, I devote a lot of time to the details, the skin, the texture of the material. In 2017, two months after my daughter's birth, I broke my spine in many places, I did not know if I could still work and photograph. It made me start portraits. It gives me happiness and satisfaction.  From 10.2018, I get awards and prizes for my work. IPA 2018, CPC, 5th FAPA, SWPP.  In Poland, I also run photo workshops in the field of children's portrait. Im a member of FEP, SWPP and MPA.


Izerska 32



+48790527075 www.instagram.com/hanna_derecka_portraits