Igor Generalov

Russia - League of Professional Photographers


Landscape Press/Reportage Portrait


I was born in the Crimea. I'm managed to successfully mix photography, video and design. I studied at the RealIme school (MAYA), the BriIsh Higher School of Design (Interior Design and the Environment), the Sankt-Petersburg University of Cinematography (cameraman). I'm continuously learning to grow the professional skills. I works as a graphic designer, editng director, photographer, film and show producer & traveling the world. I works with commercials and documentaries films - more than 100 as a writer, director, cameraman. My portfolio has more than 30 of the entertainment events to the number of viewers from 1000 to 30 000 - as an author, director or producer. I loves to travel and has the pleasure of exploring Russia, Europe, Africa, USA and other countries so far of which he was living, working, and studying.


421001 Kazan, Russia
66 Chistopolskaya str.



9270331330 www.generalov.net