Theresa Herzog

Germany - CentralVerband Deutscher Berufsfotografen - CV

European Photographer


Documentary Photography Portraiture Food Photography


My photographs represent a dichotomy of selfishness and selflessness that seek depth in the light and the story. My soul meanders through life at different speeds and with varying intentions. On some days I am a social and documentary photographer, photojournalist at large. On other days I transform back into a bohemian FrogDiva celebrating flaws and imperfections and in constant pursuit of equilibrium. Photography is part and parcel of who I am. It is as human to me as it is spiritual. This therefore defines my personal preference to shoot with natural light most of the time, thus avoiding the confines of a studio as much as possible. What I see is what you get, pure and simple, a covenant between my soul, the subject, and the lens.


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