Freddy Enguix


Landscape General Tourism


My name is Federico “Freddy” Enguix and here is my little story of how and why I became a professional photographer. Since I was a child I always loved to travel, to discover new and beautiful places, and of course, show all these beautiful sites to my friends and family. All these pushed me to study graphics and multimedia and to travel and live in different places of the world. I worked in web design, graphics design, programming and in outdoor activities like professional sailing. And after all those years, I became a professional photographer and specialised in what I most love: outdoor photography, landscapes and travel. I always heard people saying…. “What a lovely place, great pictures… I wish I could…” I know that for some people it is difficult to travel and discover new places… because of money, time, family, work, fears, etc. Perhaps that will be my next mission in these crazy times we live in today: to help people fall in love with the locations I visit, by sharing my vision and passion through my photography style. So, I invite you to enjoy these lovely photos, close your eyes and dream about these places, feel like you were really there. And after that, plan your next trip and go out, travel, and discover this fantastic world!