Yevhen Kostiuk


My name is Yevhen Kostiuk, and I am a Ukrainian award-winning photographer from Kharkiv. My passion for photography began a long time ago, but I seriously started pursuing it only in the last few years. A significant part of my work is devoted to aerial photography as a way to see our world from a different perspective. Each drone takeoff is like a step into a parallel world where familiar objects look completely different.   I enjoy working with contrasting combinations of colors and shapes, and I particularly love the minimalist style. In addition to aerial photography, I have a keen interest in landscape and architectural photography.   I have received awards in many prestigious international photography competitions, including Aerial Discovery of the Year at the reFocus Awards World Photo Annual 2023, a gold medalist in the reFocus Awards Color Photography Contest 2023, a silver medalist in the Chromatic Photography Awards 2022, a silver medalist in the 9th edition of the Fine Art Photography Awards, a bronze medalist in the FEP Awards 2023, a bronze medalist in the WPE Awards Annual Final 2022, and many others