Erika Valkovicova

Czech Republic - Asociace Profesionálních Fotografù Ceské Republiky

Qualified European Photographer


Landscape Nature Wildlife


Erika Valkovicova is continuously moving between the continents, exploring the world and capturing the beauty of our Planet. Her photographic journey started in 2012 when circumstances allowed her to escape corporate life, and she followed her dream to travel. The more time she spent visiting beautiful natural sites in the world, the more she fell in love with landscape photography. She doesn't hesitate to sacrifice sleep or go the extra mile for a unique shot capturing seascapes, icescapes or mesmerising natural phenomena. Thanks to photography, she became an outdoor person, a real nature addict. Her work reflects her passion for travel and her fascination with nature. Erika won several prestigious international photography awards, and while not on her adventures, she is organising small group tours for those wishing to see and photograph these extraordinary places for themselves. Her favourite place in the world is always her next destination. BIPP Associate in Landscape Photography. Silver Camera Winner at FEP Awards 2022 in Nature.  


Krymska 18
101 00
Czech Republic