Eric Lowie


Analogue Photography Black and White


The magic of analogue photography Eric Lowie was born and raised in the Marolles: the most authentic neighbourhood of historic Brussels, but also the beating heart of a new Europe. Similar contrasts can also be seen in his work. Black and white, warmth and cold, day and night, life and death: they are all extremes reinforced by their opposites in the same image. Eric found his preference for the panoramic format of his photos in cinematography. He discovered at a young age that images are not limited to the moments they are registered. The broad frame offers the artist the chance to let his snapshot live on, far beyond the limitations of a classic photo format. Eric is only satisfied with direct framing.  He will not allow staging, artificial lighting or digital corrections, thus letting the world surprise him as it appears in front of his lens. The interactions found in lights and shadows, breathtaking nature or casual passer-by can all make up that unique reason for taking his black-and-white photo. The craft of analogue photography has now become a rarity in our digital world.  In his darkroom, Eric masters this technique with ease and delicacy. He projects the negative of his film roll onto sensitive paper, assisted by a sole red lamp, and searches watchfully for the ultimate black and white contrast. A flawless timing and a correct dose of chemicals gradually reveal the recorded memory onto the photo paper. It is this magical world that Eric tries to evoke in his darkroom. Images come to life carefully, the city jangles, and indistinct heat arises. The rest is for you to discover.


Kerkweg 23