Radek Štandera

Czech Republic - Asociace Profesionálních Fotografù Ceské Republiky

European Photographer


Minimal landscapes Atmosphere Fog/rain/snow


I started photography around 2007 after finishing a technical high school (not a good choice to be honest). Most of my friends around that time were either musicians or painters and I started to feel the need to do something “creative” as well. Even though I never took a single shot ever before, the photography came to my mind almost immediately. My first camera was an ancient Canon PowerShot G2 and digital gear was the way to go for me (analog photography is beyond my patience). The real DSLRs came after that. In 2013 I bought an iPhone 5s and immediately fell in love with mobile photography. My DSLRs all rests in a closet since then. Yes there are many technical limitations in mobile photography but the hardware is improving incredibly fast. I now consider myself being a mobile photographer. My main area has always been landscape photography. However as time went on my style has transformed from “classic” landscape views into much more minimalistic stuff with emphasis on atmosphere. This doesn’t necessarily mean I prefer BW images. For me a well thought color shot is equal to a good monochrome one.


Husova 914
Nový Bor
473 01
Czech Republic



+420723413659 www.radekstandera.cz