Caroline Gasch

France - Fédération Française de la Photographie et des Métiers de l'image – FFPMI

European Photographer


I am a French artist-photographer. My visual approach has always been to use a camera to best express what I am feeling inside. It is all heart energy. Buildings, urban architecture have a life of their own. As an artist, I just want to share my feeeling to merge outside and inside worlds. I would like viewers to feel it too. I try, through honest and reliable retouching work, to ensure than my thrill takes shape without distorting the concrete vision of the scene shooted. The idea is just to share an interpretation of how the city in front of me seems to me. The rhythm and vibration of it, the energy of the place. I don't wand to lose my audience but to show them another reality : dreamlike, abstract, intimate. Digital manipulation tool is like a paintbrush for a painter.


114 avenue de Grammont