Cyrille Parry


Portraits Fine art


I am passionate about images with a deep admiration for their power and influence through time. I created the agency "Arlency" to ensure a professional dynamic to my passion and my artistic work. I am the son of a painter and I have always been immersed in a very strong artistic universe. I started to be interested in photography at the age of 14 with the idea of retranscribing moments of life and emotions, a bit like a fresco that would tell a story and leave an emotional testimony over time. I see my artistic work more as digital painting. Instead of a brush I have a camera and I build my works according to my inspiration of the moment and the story I want to tell. Today when I take pictures, it is above all the pictorial aspect that guides my eye. The portraits are privileged moments, the most important being the story that comes out of it and the tone that we want to put in it.


5 rue d Ayen
78100 Saint Germain en laye