FEP YPA 2024 – Introducing our judges

The FEP Young Photographer Award is a competition celebrating the finest contemporary photography from the next generation of image makers.

For each edition of the competition, our Chairman Jim Lowe consults his list of judges nominated by the FEP member associations in order to find the best possible mixture or expertise within Europe.

This year, the pool of judges consisted of 3 international judges, whom we would like to introduce here in alphabetical order.

We would like to thank all of our judges for the hard work they have done to complete their task. We couldn’t do this without you!

Jim Lowe

Jim Lowe, Chairman, United Kingdom

Qualified European Photographer – QEP

Jim, has been a professional photographer for many years. After graduating from Swansea College of Art, he was employed as an in-house photographer by the Ministry of Defence in London, then worked for six years in the photographic section of Portsmouth Polytechnic leaving as Head of the Department, finally joining the Westinghouse Brake and Signal engineering company, part of the Hawker Siddeley Engineering Corporation as Chief Photographer, which involved assignments in Hong Kong, Zimbabwe and America.

He started his own commercial/advertising photography business in partnership with his wife, Sue in 1985 and has specialised in architectural photography for the last 25 years. becoming a recognised expert in architectural photography. Photographers Institute Press, an English publishing company commissioned him to write a book; ‘Architectural Photography, Inside & Out’ which sold out worldwide in 3 years.

Jim is also well known for his large format analogue black and white landscapes for which he uses traditional film, hand printing them to exhibition quality. These have been acquired by collectors as far afield as Japan, India, South Africa, Canada and The Republic of Ireland as well as the UK. Jim has had exhibitions of his B&W landscapes and architectural photography throughout Europe, London, Moscow, Bath, Wiltshire and Cornwall. The majority of his images are now captured using digital technology.

From 2007-2018, as well as continuing with his other activities, Jim, was a senior lecturer at Falmouth University, Cornwall on The Marine and Natural History Photography Course and was made Head of the course in September 2012. During his time teaching at Falmouth University, he achieved a Master’s Degree in Education and Creative Academic Practice and became a Senior Fellow of the UK’s Higher Education Academy. He is also currently an online tutor in Architectural Photography for the UK based company Learning with Experts and has taught students worldwide.

He was President of the British Institute of Professional Photography (1999/2000) and a director for some years, a Vice-President of the Federation of European Photographers from 2000 to 2010 and has been judging for the FEP for 24 years and is currently the Chairman of the FEP Qualifications Jury and Chairman of the FEP’s Young Photographer Award. He has also acted as a judge for many European photographic organisations and competitions.


André Boto

André Boto, Portugal

Master Qualified European Photographer – MQEP

Born in 1985, I’m a freelance photographer from Portugal working for clients mainly in the following areas: commercial, product , architecture, interiors, industrial and post-production in Photoshop as well as my own conceptual/creative projects.
With strong interest in arts and design in general, I devoted much time to draw what I saw around me in my childhood. Now, it´s really challenging to create/re-create stories with images, create my own worlds based on optical illusion, and I’m fascinated by Surrealism and by author like M.C.Escher, Salvador Dalí or René Magritte.

Main achievements:

  • Winner of the “Photographic Artist Prize 2023” of the “Australian Photographic & Videography Prize”, Australia.
  • Winner of the “People” category in the Global Photo Awards 2023, Austria.
  • Overall Winner European Professional Photographer of the Year Award 2023 and 2010, by FEP, Belgium.
  • Overall Winner in the IIC 8th Annual International Photographer of The Year 2023, Canada.
  • Winner in the Allard Prixe, Canada.
  • Overall Winner in the Cosmos Awards 2022, Greece.
  • Overall winner of the Creative Photo Awards 2022, Italy.
  • Overall winner WPE Awards 2021 and 2022, France.
  • Gold Medal in “Advertising” in the PX3 2022, USA
  • Overall Winner of the One Eye Land World’s Top10 Still Life Photographers 2021, USA


Martin Krystýnek

Martin Krystýnek, Slovakia

Master Qualified European Photographer – MQEP

Specialities: Portrait, Wedding, Commercial

President of the Association of Professional Photographers of Slovak Republic APFSR.
Board member of FEP – Federation of European Photographers.
Committee member of WPC – World Photographic Cup

Martin Krystýnek, a prodigious talent hailing from Poprad, Slovakia, has firmly established himself as a luminary in the realm of professional photography. His journey into the world of photography began in 2010, and it was in the vibrant landscapes of South America, particularly Paraguay, where he honed his exceptional skills. Martin’s prowess with the camera quickly garnered international attention, leading him to become the youngest recipient of the prestigious Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP) award. This accolade is a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication, as only a select few, around eighty professionals globally, have achieved this distinction.

With a staggering collection of over 470 international awards, Martin’s work in the field of photography is nothing short of remarkable. His passion for capturing the essence of his subjects is evident in his preferred genres: portrait and sensual nudes. His approach to photography is one of reverence for natural beauty, preferring minimal editing and retouching, which allows the authentic charm of his subjects to shine through. This philosophy has earned him widespread acclaim and a reputation as one of Europe’s most celebrated photographers.

Martin’s skill set extends beyond the lens; he is an influential figure in the photography community. His roles as the president of the Association of Professional Photographers of Slovak Republic, a board member of the Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP), and a committee member of the World Photographic Cup (WPC) highlight his commitment to advancing the art and profession of photography.

A Leica shooter by choice, Martin’s preference for black and white photography adds a timeless quality to his work, emphasizing the play of light and shadow, and bringing a unique depth to his images. His ability to capture the innate beauty of his subjects has made him a sought-after photographer for portraits of significant figures in politics, modeling, business, and management.

Martin’s photographs are not just images; they are stories told through the lens, documenting emotions and moments in time with an emphasis on detail. His talent for perceiving light and capturing the unique beauty of each individual is unparalleled. The most gratifying moments for him as a photographer occur when people enjoy the process of being photographed, relax in front of his lens, and receive beautiful, professional, and memorable images in return.

Through his work, Martin Krystýnek has not only captured stunning visuals but has also contributed significantly to the photographic community, inspiring both peers and aspiring photographers worldwide. His journey is a vivid narrative of passion, skill, and dedication to the art of photography, making him a true icon in the industry.


Susanna Oksanen

Susanna ‘Suski’ Oksanen, Finland

Qualified European Photographer – QEP
Specialities: Outdoors, drone photography, photojournalism

Suski started taking photos with a small film camera already as a kid in the 1990s and discovered their passion and talent for photography in scouts. In autumn 2021 Suski received the Qualified European Photographer (QEP) from a portfolio that consisted of 12 drone photographs. Suski enjoys spending time in nature and has documented expeditions in Greenland and Svalbard. Besides working as a professional photographer Suski also teaches photography and writes PhD for the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki. Their doctoral research is focused on combining photography and education.