FEP Awards 2024 – FAQ

Q. What are the most common infractions that cause an entry to be disqualified?

Every year we have to disqualify several photos because of the following infringements of the rules:

  • submissions by non-professional photographers
  • submissions by non-European photographers
  • mages that have been largely created/generated using digital technology/3D modelling/editing/CGI software submitted in a category other than Digitally Created Images
  • names or logos visible on the photo
  • images containing any text or graphic elements not part of the original exposure
  • images with a file size larger than 40 MB
  • images that have been awarded as FINALISTS in previous editions of this FEP Competition
  • same picture submitted in more than 1 category
  • pictures submitted in the wrong category
  • pictures of domesticated animals with their owner submitted in the Domesticated Animals Category
  • images consisting of a composition of several pictures in categories where this is not allowed
  • entries of less than 3 photos in one category
  • payment was not completed

Q. Who can enter the FEP Awards?

The FEP Awards are open to all professional photographers who are registered and resident in a European country (as defined by the Council of Europe). The competition is open to both members and non-members of FEP associations.

Q. What do I need to consider when creating a user profile?

It is important that you write your name correctly when you create a user profile. Use the correct spelling in which you want your name to appear on your certificates or awards and in any information communicated by the FEP in all media referring to you. This is especially important for non-latin characters. Also do not write everything in upper or lower case. First name first.

Q. Can I still change my data after I have created a user profile?

You can always edit the details of your profile by using the ‘Edit’ function in ‘My profile’ after logging in.

Q. What name should I give to my files?

The text in the file names is free to choose. However, the file names should be a maximum of 32 characters and should not contain any special characters such as accents, punctuations or non-latin characters (a-z and 1-9 only). Otherwise you will receive an error message during the upload.

Q. Can I have text or a logo on my photos?

All submitted images must be anonymous. Images containing text or other identifying marks will be immediately disqualified. Images pertinent to advertising campaigns, must not contain any text or graphic elements not part of the original exposure.

Q. May there be borders around my pictures?

No, there should be no borders or other decorations on or around the pictures.

Q. What technical requirements must my image files fulfil?

Files should be uploaded at the original file resolution, at least 4,000 pixels on the long side, saved in jpg format 10 – 12 (maximum quality) and maximum 40 megabytes. Embedded profile: sRGB, Adobe 98 or Greyscale.

Q. Can I resubmit a photo that I have already submitted to previous editions of the FEP Awards?

Yes, you may, as long as the photo was not awarded a place in the finals of previous editions of the FEP Awards. You may reuse photos that were not among the three highest-scoring images that earned you a place in the finals.

Q. Can I submit the same photo in multiple categories?

No, a photo may only be submitted in one category.

Q. Can I delete and/or replace one or more submitted photos?

As long as you have NOT completed your submission with a payment you can always log back in and go to step 3) ‘click here to enter’ on the FEP Awards 2024 competition page. During the upload session the red ‘Delete’ button under the thumbnails can be used to permanently delete photos. The green ‘edit’ and the red ‘delete’ buttons pop up when you move your cursor over a thumbnail.
Once you have paid for your submission, you can no longer delete photos. The red delete button will no longer pop up under the thumbnails.

Q. Can I still add photos after I have completed my submission?

Yes, you can add additional photos to your entry at any time, even if you have already completed a previous entry session with a payment. After this, of course, you have to pay for the added photos to make your entry valid again.

Q. How many photos can I submit?

You may enter as many images into as many categories as you like. However, a minimum set of 3 images in the same category is required. Unlimited additional pictures may be submitted, but only the top 3 scored pictures in the same category will be considered for the allocation of awards.

Q. What about photos that form a series?

The jury will see the photos one by one in a random order. Photos that form a series therefore have little or no effect on each other. However, the jury members will recognise photos that are by the same photographer.

Q. How much does it cost to participate in the FEP Awards?

The standard fee per category is € 40, which will allow the upload of the minimum three images required for that category. Each additional image will cost € 10 and there are no limits on the number of images that may be entered.

Q. Are there discounts?

The discounts are as follows:

  • For EP, QEP, MASTER QEP, EV, QEV and Master QEV holders: one free set of 3 images in one category, equivalent to a € 40 discount.
  • For non FEP-qualified members of national associations affiliated to the FEP: € 20 discount on the standard fee of € 40.
  • Ukrainian photographers get a € 100 discount on the total cost of their entry.

To obtain the automatic discount for members of a FEP member association the candidate must specify their national association in their user profile.
The discounts are applied automatically when you send in your photos.

Q. How can I finalize my entry after I uploaded 3 images in the same category for free? I don’t see any button that allows me to complete my entry. I’m a FEP Qualified Photographer (EP, QEP, MQEP, EV, QEV, MQEV).

Because your submission is limited to your 3 free images, you cannot proceed to the payment module (zero transaction). It therefore seems that you cannot finalise your submission. Don’t worry, just log out. The chairman of the jury will validate your entry manually.

Q. If I am asked to send in raw-files does that automatically mean that I have gained a place among the finalists?

From edition 2024 of the FEP Awards, all ‘potential’ finalists (+ a margin of minimum 3) will be asked to upload raw files and/or other original files used in the creation of a submitted photo for verification of compliance with the rules. Raw files are requested of their 3 highest-ranked photos in a category, plus at least one spare if any. So there is still no guarantee of a final place. The final list of finalists will not be known until all raw-files are verified and the results recalculated.

Q. How can I pay for my participation?

Entrants are required to pay all entry fees to the FEP through an online international system for credit cards. After completing your upload, you will automatically be directed to the payment page. Follow the instructions on your screen.

In the rare case that you must pay by bank transfer (no credit card or other reasons), please send your payment to:

FEP vzw
IBAN: BE26 7340 4630 9829
Eiermarkt 20
2000 Antwerpen
Reference: FEP Awards 2024 (and your name as entered in your user profile)

Then, please send an email to secretariat@europeanphotographers.eu to inform them about your choice for offline payment.

Q. What does the ‘Digitally Created Images’ category mean?

‘Photographs’ created entirely (100 %) using AI – Artificial Intelligence should be entered into the Digitally Created Images category and are not eligible for the selection of the ‘Photographer of the Year’.

Q. Are images made with AI – Artificial Intelligence allowed into the FEP Awards competition?

Images that have been created/generated using Artificial Intelligence are allowed but should be entered into the Digitally Created Images category.
Images submitted in this category are not eligible for the selection of the ‘Photographer of the Year’.

Q. My photos are composed of real photos and digitally created images or stock photos. What is allowed?

In some categories such as Advertising/Commercial, Fashion and Beauty, Illustration and Fine Art, People and Portrait, … composite, non-composite and digitally manipulated images are allowed are allowed to a very limited extent. This means that a large proportion (minimum 80 %) of the images used to create the basic idea behind the final picture and which are a significant part of the final result, should be taken by the photographer and NOT be stock images or fully digitally created images. Images that have been entirely/largely created/generated using digital technology/Artificial Intelligence/3D modelling/editing/CGI software should be entered into the Digitally Created Images category. If the Competition Chairman or a judge has any doubts as to how the images are created, FEP reserves the right to examine the original files used to create the final picture.

Q. How should I interpret the ‘minimum 80%’ rule?

The 80% rule should be interpreted as ‘a maximum amount of the elements that make up the essence of the image’. Non-original image elements should contribute only minimally to the overall image. Nothing is better than something.
Example: Replacing backgrounds in studio portraits of pets and also in the Portrait and Fashion categories with another studio background-like colour or pattern is no problem. This changes little or nothing to the natural representation of the subject.
Replacing the background i.e. with a landscape or interior or the like gives a different view of the subject and can only be accepted if the added image is an original shot taken by the photographer and not an AI generated or stock image.
Also, when adding props and other elements which are an essential part of the final image (without these, the image would look very different), then these must consist of original shots taken by the photographer and not AI-generated or stock images.

Q. Can photos of animals with their owners be submitted in the ‘Domesticated Animals’ category?

No, photos of animals with their owners must be submitted in the ‘Portrait & People’ category.

Q. Are landscape photos allowed in the Nature category?

No, landscape pictures must be submitted in the separate Landscape category and are excluded from the Nature category.
Images of a starry night sky are also considered Landscape (and not astro photography) from the moment earthly elements are in view with it.
Photos of natural phenomena such as, for example, the Northern Lights or the Milky Way with landscape elements in the foreground are allowed in both categories. Without landscape elements, they belong in the Nature category.
Drone images of a specific natural phenomenon such as a defined river delta also fit both categories. But if the surrounding landscape forms an equally important part of the image then they are landscape photos.