FEP Awards Deadline moved back by one week to 22nd of January 2024

It recently came to the attention of the FEP board that our initial deadline of Jan 15 co-incided with the deadlines for a number of competitions and qualifictaions in our member associations, so we’re allowing one extra week for photographers to get those entries in!

You now have until the end of the day on Monday, 22nd of January 2024 to enter your images.

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Young Photographers Award closes on 22nd of January 2024

The FEP Young Photographer Award 2024 also closes on Jan 22nd – if you’re a photographer under the age of 30 and are in any doubt whether you should enter, click here to hear what our past three winners had to say at the awards ceremony 2023.

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FEP Book Prize Closes 23rd March 2024

The aim of the FEP Book Prize is to help promote photography books and to acknowledge the outstanding work of professionals in this field. The works can be entered by both the authors and the publishers.

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