QEP judging session June 2022, official results

The Federation of European Professional Photographers gathered in Poprad, Slovakia, for its 42nd qualification judging session.

Today, Saturday 18 of June,  12 professional photographers have been awarded with the QEP title.

Congratulations to our successful candidates which are listed below, in alphabetical order:

Jan Bavor, Czech Republic, QEP Landscape
Jan Březina, Czech Republic, QEP Landscape
Marek Curilla, Slovakia, QEP Wedding
Lene Fossdal, Norway, QEP Wedding
Alex Jeffries, UK, QEP Architecture
Sonja Jordan, Austria, QEP Landscape
Patrick Lombaert, France, QEP Wedding
Tomáš Neuwirth, Czech Republic, QEP Drone
Ján Rábara, Slovakia, QEP Wedding
, Czech Republic, QEP Photojournalism
Erika Valkovicova, Czech Republic, QEP Landscape
Carine Van Gerven, Belgium, QEP Art Photography

clicking on the names you can see their profiles pages and awarded pictures.


Click here for the whole QEP session results gallery

The MQEP judging will be held tomorrow. Continue to follow us!