QEP – MQEP Session n.41 – Official Results

November 29, 2021

The Federation of European Professional Photographers gathered in Tampere, Finland, on November 27-29 for its 41st  qualification judging session, after a 2 years stop because of COVID-19 situation

This time, a record number of almost 20 Master QEP  and almost 60 QEP panels have been received and judged and 27 QEP – Qualified European Photographers and 4 Master QEP have been awarded.

Click here for the Master QEP results gallery

Click here for the QEP results gallery

Congratulations to our successful candidates which are listed below.

Master QEP

Therese Asplund, Sweden, Master QEP
Roberto Alonso, Spain, Master QEP
Mika Levälampi, Finland, Master QEP
Suvi Roiko, Finland, Master QEP


Alexey Fursov, Russia, QEP Advertising/Commercial
Panikos Hajistilly, UK, QEP Portrait
Philipp Jakesch, Austria, QEP Landscape
Isabelle Jaravel-Tayar, France, QEP Portrait
Ján Jasenský, Slovakia, QEP Commercial
Tapio Koivula, Finland, QEP Architecture
William Lambelet, France, QEP Wedding
Guy Larra, France, QEP Portrait
Tracey Lund, UK, QEP Wildlife
Susanna Mikander, Finland, QEP Drone / Outdoors
Hanna Mulli, Finland, QEP Baby
Reetta Muranen, Finland, QEP Personal Project
Anna-Liisa Nikus, Finland, QEP Portrait
Roger O’Sullivan, Ireland, QEP Architecture
Joeri Peeters, Belgium, QEP Fashion
Arcangelo Piai, Italy, QEP Industrial
Charlotte Poncin, France, QEP Portrait
Mari Pyykkönen, Finland, QEP Illustrative
Hannu Rainamo, Finland, QEP Sports
Filip Santens, Belgium, QEP Reportage
Marc Sabat, Finland, QEP Commercial
Marc Sabat, Finland, QEP Portrait
Johanna Vaurio, Finland, QEP Children and Pets
Kristi Vilmunen, Finland, QEP Pet Photography
Sami Voutilainen, Finland, QEP Art
Martina Wärenfeldt, Sweden, QEP Portrait
Markus Ziegelwanger, Austria, QEP Fine Art