Dorien Van der Eecken

A new European award for photographic students and young photographers

Rules & Regulations

2016 - FETA Fourth Edition


Call for Entries:  May 16th , 2016 -  Deadline: September 30th, 2016


Who can apply

The award is open to any final year student, studying photography on a 3 years degree or equivalent course “recognised” in that country by the government’s educational validation procedures or conforms to that countries’ educational validating procedures in which the institute, College or University is located. Applicants must be under 30 years of age in the year of submission. 


Conditions to enter

  • The candidate must register to the FEP website and create an account, then he/she has to log-in (HERE) to enter the FETA Award
  • A portfolio of 9 images must be submitted through the FEP website.
  • Files must be RGB JPEG, 4,000 pixels on the longest side and under 8MB
  • FETA has no “category”. Any subject is acceptable but they must “hang together” as a unified collection. It is also recommended that the images tell a story.
  • A personal statement (in English) must also be submitted together with the images explaining the context/theme of the submitted portfolio. The statement should be a maximum of a 100 words.
  • The personal statement and images should not have name on it or anything that might indentify the candidate or institution.
  • An entry fee of 20,00 € per portfolio is required. Payment must be sent to FEP by each candidate via PayPal at the end of the online submission. The registration will be considered only when FEP will receive evidence of the payment of the entry fee.
  • After the online submission, the FEP secretariat will send by email to the candidates the application form, to fill and send back, together with the proof of the support and the approval of their University/Institute course leader. 


Colleges tasks

The college/university course leader will select the highest achieving final year students on their course to enter for the award. The maximum number of portfolios which can be sent by each Institute is 5. The college/university course leader will also validate and verify each student’s submission of images.



Judging will take place online by 3 international judges, chaired by a non-voting chairman. To ensure impartiality each portfolio be given a score out of a 100 by each judge (as a panel of photographs not for individual images). This score will then determine the top portfolios - winner and any merits. The chairman can invite the judges to re-assess a portfolio in any case of striking differences in scoring. All judging is anonymous, the judges will not know the name of the candidate or the Institution from which the portfolio has been sent. Judges will be asked to give some positive feedback on each portfolio to help each student. This advice will be sent to the student after the awards have taken place. Judging will take place online after the deadline for submissions which is September 15th. As well as awarding the “The Emerging Talent Award” for the best submission, the judges may award a merit for other outstanding submissions. The judges' decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the judging or the final results.



The winner of “The Emerging Talent Award” will receive a certificate during the FETA Award ceremony. Merit winners (should there be any) will receive a merit certificate. All those who received awards will be invited to collect their prize and FEP may contribute to their travel expenses. The FEP member association representing the country where the winners of the FETA awards are living, may offer free membership as an additional prize. This year, the  FETA winner will be also nominated for the the IPC Kunio Yatomi Scholarship.


Secretariat and Organisation

All candidates will receive written notification of the result of their submission (as well as a positive feedback given by the judges) from the FEP Secretariat, after the winners have been announced. A list of all successful candidates only will be announced. 


The FEP Secretariat will not put forward for judging any portfolio if:

- the images submitted do not conform to these rules (pay attention to send the files in the right size and the word count)

- the submission fee has not been paid.


Copyright and Releases

The copyright of all images submitted remains with the copyright holder. However the FEP reserves the right to use any of the images submitted, without payment, for display and publicity purposes for this and future FEP awards or projects. The winner of the Feta Award may be required to supply TIFF files of the images for publicity purposes at a later date. These should be 300dpi with a maximum longest dimension 40cm and not less than 30cm.