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Stephan Huger, born and currently living in Vienna, is an international multi award-winning photographer specialised in architectural and product photography. He started his career at the renowned architecture photographer Gerlach located on Vienna's Neubaugasse. Next to architecture photography, another important area of emphasis is product photography. Huger is particularly interested in surfaces and forms and especially the effect of reflection and shine on them. Desired effects are enhanced, and fine surface details elaborated. Unwanted effects, however, are concealed through intentional manipulation of light, or afterwards, with help of image editing. Stephan Huger works both in his own studio as well as on site. A point of contrast to his architectural and product photography is his work in portrait photography, and his depictions of people. By observing his subjects as closely as possible and through direct contact with his models, he tries not only to capture their outer appearance, but also to reflect their inner personality.