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My whole life I have been dedicated to capturing and sharing the raw beauty of Mother Nature. Growing up in Australia, I was surrounded by an incredible landscape that captivated me with waterfalls, rainforests, mountains, and the Great Barrier Reef. When I was eight, my parents bought me the gift of a Kodak Brownie camera – and after a fateful snapshot of a spider web in the family garden – I was hooked. For over 35 years I have worked hard at my craft every single day. My travels have taken me to the most amazing locations around the world – from the American Southwest to the Great Wall of China. I have captured landscapes that I could only once dream of shooting. Since my days as an aspiring young photographer, I have become fortunate enough to have my passion become my career. With my galleries, I get to¬ share my work with a very supportive group of collectors, fans and nature lovers. I am so grateful for the beauty of this planet and I will never stop sharing it.