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Hi, I'm a European based animal photographer living in Belgium. With 15 years of solid experience in pets and animal photography, I’m the trusted photographer for various pet magazines, book and calendar publishers, and many people and organisations wanting to get wonderful images of their beloved animals. My expertise in horse photography focuses on emphasising the qualities of sport horses and the personal branding of riders, trainers and stables. My work activate your brand! I offer more than photography. Due to my wide network with breeders, my leads to animal handler and trainers, I can take care of animal casting and others tasks in the production and logistics process. This will be a time saver and a differentiator in delivering high quality when working under tight deadline. My Style: Light & airy, dark and moody and everything in between. My photos are always tailored to emphasise and bring out of your brand. Quality images attract great engagement with your target market, whether in print, online or social media.