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Jan Šmíd is exclusively a landscape photographer with a special focus on panoramic photography, day and night. For his work, he uses modern photography methods like exposure bracketing, antireflex, focus bracketing, parallactic mount, etc. He’s been organizing photography workshops for five years; he organizes photo expeditions and runs an Individual Photography School. Jan has received many awards from international photography contests. He values medals from Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Moscow, London, Melbourne... He is the author of the Photography Wine Harvest concept, where he combines photography in South Moravia and Tuscany together with explaining and tasting great wines. In 2017 Jan has been accepted as a member of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic and in the fall he managed to be awarded by the title QEP (Qualified European Photographer). QEP is one of the most prestigious photographic certificates ever. It is granted by the Federation of European Photographers. In 2017 Jan succeeded as the only landscape photographer from all over Europe and at the same time as the only representative of the Czech Republic. What´s more, Jan got the MASTER QEP certification in summer 2018! Master QEP (Master Qualified European Photographer) is the most prestigious award ever, organised by Federation of European Photographers. Just top 70 European photographers out of 70k applications have received a Master degree for outstanding quality of work.