Photographer of the Year 2024 is André Boto

FEP Professional Photographer of the Year 2024 is André Boto!

This is history in the making: in 2023 Portuguese photographer André Boto became the first photographer to have won the FEP Awards two times, but now he writes history again and becomes the first photographer to win it back to back and now overall a whopping three times!

More than 330 European photographers submitted over 3300 images for the FEP Awards and we wish to thank you all for the belief you have in our work and our mission of celebrating the most talented photographers of Europe.

As always, it was not an easy task for our Chairman Johan Brouwers and his team of international judges to go through and evaluate all of the images entered, but as every year, they worked hard to complete their task and we can now see the results of their work. So once more a heartfelt thanks to our judges! You can read more about our judges here.

Chairman Brouwers comments: “This year marks the first time we have implemented in-depth checking of all the finalists’ raw files. Our aim is to uphold the principles of pure photography, with an absolute minimal use of AI and stock images in the few categories that allow this. By prioritizing authenticity and integrity, we ensure that each winning image is a true reflection of the photographer’s skill and vision.”

In 2024 the FEP Awards took place in Ålesund, Norway. The biggest winner of the evening was obviously our overall winner André Boto, but several other photographers excelled as well. Here’s a few examples: Arun Mohanraj from UK won 2 Golden Cameras and 1 Silver Camera, Wolfgang Gangl from Austria won a Golden Camera, a Silver Camera and a 5th place in three different categories, Luís Godinho of Portugal and Hannu Rainamo of Finland won each their 6th consecutive medal position in their respective categories and Pia Maria Rautio went home with her 4th consecutive People and Portrait Golden Camera. Well done everybody!

The Chairman commented: “Even with a multiple Golden Camera winner, the competition was again extremely thrilling. As last year, we had to wait until the very last vote came in before it was clear who the overall winner would be.”

You can see a gallery of the all 12 Golden Camera winners and well as other winners and awarded images clicking below. In addition to finalist position, also single images received awards

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FEP Young Photographer Award 2024 and FEP Book Prize 2024 official results

During the FEP Awards ceremony, also the winners of the FEP Young Photographer Award and of the FEP Book Prize 2024 were announced.

The winner of the 2024 is Madelief de Korte from the Netherlands. The 2 Merit Awards Winners are Emma Brillova from the Czech Republic and Manuel Kokseder from Austria.

The judges were impressed by the high quality of the trio’s works and find that with young talents like that the future of European photographer is in good hands.

The “FYPA” is an award specifically aimed for young photographes under the age of 30.

Click here to see the FEP Young Photographer Award winners images

The results of the Photo Book Prize 2024 were announced: the 7th edition of the FEP overall winner is the book “WEGWERFWARE”, by Sara Affolter, published by Edition Lammenhuber.

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Congratulations to all of our 2024 winners!

Finally, you can see the pictures of the ceremony made by Norwegian photographers Cecilie Hatløy and Kristine Ristesund. Download them clicking the button below:

FEP Awards Ceremony’s pictures