Introducing new partners

New year brings us new partners as well; the FEP is proud to to introduce its new partners Neurapix and Photocloud!


On January 1 st , the young German company Neurapix joined the FEP as a sponsor. The team has
developed an artificial intelligence (AI) that is able to learn a photographer’s individual image editing
style and apply it to all future photos within Adobe Lightroom Classic. This allows photographers to
have large numbers of photos edited…
– in their own look
– at lightning speed (600 images/minute)
– at most competitive prices
… resulting in significant time savings compared to a static Lightroom preset. You only need 20
photos to create your own SmartPreset!


Photocloud is the easiest and most efficient way to enable your customers to
order photos online. Just upload the photos to the service and we’ll take care
of everything from there on.
Whether you’re a school photographer, wedding photographer or event
photographer, we got the tools you need. From organizing photography
events to automatic photo sorting and customizable follow-up e-mail
Our whole system is designed to be usable with all modern devices, from
mobile phones to tablets to laptops to desktop computers. Your customers will
love it and more importantly they will love you because of it.

Read more about Neurapix and Photocloud on our partner page!