QEP and MQEP 2023

The QEP/MQEP registrations for the next session (June 2023) will open on Monday, January 9, 2023 online at the QEP/MQEP registration page
All the candidates already registered for November 2022 are automatically moved to the June 2023 session and they do not need to pay again.
The old early birds price (150 euro for QEP and 250 euro for MQEP) will stay only until January 31.
The new early birds fee (from 2023) will be 170 euro for QEP and 270 euro for MQEP. This discounted fee will be available from February 1 until March 31.
After that date, fee will be 185 euro for QEP and 295 euro for MQEP. (The same criterion will be applied for the November 2023 session and so on).
Deadline for applications for June session will be April 12. This is the last day to register and the date in which FEP will count applications and decide to confirm or not the event.