Important announcement from the FEP Board

The FEP, Federation of European Professional Photographers, has been deeply appalled by the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine and strongly feels that any type of military action against any nation is abhorrent. We simply cannot look the other way and in this instance we need to take a stand now.

Whilst we will continue to support creators and image makers of all nations, including Russia, after careful deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that we must suspend the membership of the Russian associations within FEP. The suspension will take effect immediately and remain until all hostilities against Ukraine or any other nation have ceased.

During this time members of Russian associations or any Russian photographer cannot take part in qualifications, competitions or other activities organised by the FEP. This also includes the current competition’s results. We recognize there are innocent Russian creators who openly disagree with this aggression and war, who will be affected by this action which we bitterly regret.

The FEP board made this decision based on the rules of the event and the values of the FEP. Before making this resolution, the FEP took time to diligently consult with its members. FEP is a non-political organization of professional photographers dedicated to upholding the values of all professional photographers. This has not been an easy decision, it is not a knee jerk reaction, rather something which has been debated in depth over these past weeks within FEP and its member associations.

We remain committed to protecting these values in a cultural competition that promotes international exchange and understanding, brings audiences together, celebrates diversity through photography and unites all of Europe on one stage.

Truls Løtvedt
FEP President