The meetings in Tampere, November 2021, report

The Federation of European Professional Photographers’ Board and General Assembly were finally able to gather in person during the last weekend in November in Tampere, Finland. In addition to the meetings, also the 41st judging session took place. As a result, 27 new QEP titles and 4 MQEP titles were awarded to photographers around Europe. Once again, congratulations to all the newly qualified photographers!

General Assembly
The General Assembly approved the budget for 2022 and also approved a new country, Iceland, to the FEP family. Welcome the Icelandic Professional Photographers Association!

Event calendar
The Board confirmed future events, The FEP Awards and next General Assembly will take place in Rome, Italy on March 27, 2022 and the next QEP/MQEP judging session will take place in Poprad, Slovakia on June 17-20, 2022. The second judging session of 2022 is possible taking place in Naples, but that is yet to be confirmed.