FEP’s competition winners introduced in the Belgian Shoot -magazine

The article was largely concentrated on the Belgiand award winners of the competition, which is completely understandable. But in addition to the introducing the Belgians, the article also featured our overall winner, European Professional Photographer of the Year, Darya Matrosova or Dasha Art as she calls herself professionally. Review of her images is written by Vincent O’Byrne, an Irish MQEP Photographer

The panel is extremely well considered and yet it is quite simple in its concept. It adheres to all the criteria of excellence in that it has IMPACT, COMPOSITION, LIGHTING and WORKMANSHIP.

All of these crucial elements are handled extremely well.
It is avant-garde and classical at the same time

It is delightful to see that the model, in all three images remained black and white so there is no distraction away from them.

The hint of yellow as an earring is acceptable and not distracting.
The touches of colour on the table bring a sense of surrealism to the whole concept.

On the yellow table the figure is involved with triangles, from the design of the iron to the models hat and shoulder pads. The eyebrows and eye shadow follow the same triangular idea.

In the image with the egg, ovoids and circles are conveyed in the same way and in the red leafed book, the idea of rectangles is pretty evident to see.

All in all, a wonderful idea that is carried out to perfection and a worthy WINNER.