FEP General Assembly 2020

The FEP General Assembly 2020 was held online on June 8, 2020. As a sign of solidarity to the member associations during COVID-19 times, the GA decided to keep the membership fees for the associations at 2019 levels.

During the meeting, a new board was elected for the FEP. The new Board consists of the following people: Jean-Felix Bernetel, Joao Carlos, Marie de Verdier Persson, Bernd Gassner, Tiina Haring, Friedrich Jansenberger, Martin Krystynek, Jeanette Larsen, Eugenio LiVolsi, Karen Massey and Jan Pohribny. Truls Lotvedt will continue as the President.

The external auditors for 2020 will be Bent Nygaard Larsen and Willem van der Vlies.

We wish to express our gratitude for the members of the previous Board for their work over the past year and welcome the new Board for 2020-2022!