Thank you to our competition judges

The FEP wishes to express its gratitude to all of the judges of the FEP Professional Photographer of the Year 2020-competition.

Your work is a precious resource for us and a high quality contribution to the world of professional photography!

This year again, with more than 2200 pictures received in the competition, your job was harder than ever! Going through categories with hundreds of pictures is a very demanding task. Thank you for your commitment, without you all this would not be possible. Your cooperation is very much appreciated!

Thanks to:

  • Ian Cartwright, United Kingdom
  • Pierre Delaunay, France
  • Jens Eldøy, Norway
  • Miloš Fic, Czech Republic
  • Bernd Gassner, Germany
  • Tiina Haring, Finland
  • Cecilie Hatløy, Norway
  • Friedrich Jansenberger, Austria
  • Peder Klingwall, Norway
  • Martin Krystýnek, Slovakia
  • Carl Lapeirre, Belgium
  • Franck Lecrenay, France
  • Eugenio Li Volsi, Italy
  • Vincent O’ Byrne, Ireland
  • Jan Pohribný, Czech Republic
  • Philippe Uglietta, Spain
  • Eva Helene Storm Hanssen, Norway
  • Peter Svoboda, Slovakia
  • Jos Verhoogen, Belgium
  • Mirco Villa, Italy
  • Neil Warner, Ireland

The FEP officially wants to send a warm thanks also to Johan Brouwers, from Belgium, the Chairman of this competition for his passion and his commitment that he demonstrated from the beginning of this task!

Thanks Johan, very well done!