FEP Photographer of the Year Awards – Finalist announcement

FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2019, finalists announcement

The International Jury, composed by 20 international judges and chaired by Johan Brouwers, worked hard during last month and now we have the first results!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce, in alphabetic order, the finalists of the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2019.


Enda Cavanagh, Ireland
Jürgen de Witte, Belgium
Günther Egger, Austria
Dušan Holovej, Slovakia
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Mika Levälampi, Finland
Steven Massart, Belgium
Roger O’Sullivan, Ireland
Andreas Varro, Sweden
Kristoffer Wittrup, Norway

Patrizia Burra, Italy
João Carlos, Portugal
Günther Egger, Austria
Pedro Gameiro, Portugal
Michael Hayes, Ireland
Antti Karppinen, Finland
Suvi Sievilä, Finland
Grzegorz Sikorski, Poland
Natasha Volk, Ukraine
Martina Wärenfeldt, Sweden

Markus Aspegren, Finland
Patrizia Burra, Italy
Peter Cakovsky, Slovakia
Vicente Esteban, Spain
Andrey Guryanov, Russia
Mikaela Holmberg, Finland
Jenny Puronne, Sweden
Katya Rashkevich, Russia
Juhamatti Vahdersalo, Finland
Andreas Varro, Sweden

Vladimir Alekseev, Russia
Stefan Brenner, Austria
Eberhard Ehmke, Germany
Peter Gordon, Ireland
Tomáš Havel, Czech Republic
Torleif Lie, Norway
Marcos Rodríguez, Spain
Jan Šmíd, Czech Republic
Václav Sojka, Czech Republic
Markus van Hauten, Germany

Therese Asplund, Sweden
João Carlos, Portugal
Pierre Chermette, France
Vicente Esteban, Spain
Mikaela Holmberg, Finland
Jeanette Larsen, Norway
Terri Lindholm, Sweden
Michael Schnabl, Austria
Laila Villebeck, Sweden
Nicola Webster, Ireland

Michael Dillon, Ireland
Luís Godinho, Portugal
Jesús Jiménez, Spain
Carl Lapeirre, Belgium
Rastislav Marguš, Czech Republic
Alfonso Novo, Spain
Evi Polak, Belgium
Marcos Rodríguez, Spain
Ulrich Schulte, Sweden
Kurt Vansteelant, Belgium

Serge Duursma, The Netherlands
Milos Fic, Czech Republic
Nadia Jabli, Austria
Victor Martinez Campos, Spain
William Moureaux, France
Hannu Rainamo, Finland
Damien Rosso, France
Julián Rus, Spain
Malkhaz Svanidze, Georgia
Laila Villebeck, Sweden

Iuri Akopov, Georgia
Fernando Cerrone, Italy
Thibault Chappe, France
Pino Coduti, Italy
Andreas Grünwald, Austria
Jose Luis Guardia Vázquez, Spain
John Hellström, Sweden
Ricardo Meira, Portugal
Carlos Felipe Ortiz, Spain
Manola van Leeuwe, The Netherlands

Ann Coppens, Belgium
Luc De Cock, Belgium
Michal Dobes, Czech Republic
José Fragozo, Portugal
Massimo Giorgetta, Italy
Sheena Jolley, Ireland
Hannelore Kirchner, Austria
Martin Morel, France
Seppo Rintala, Finland
Martin Steenhaut, Belgium

Laura Bierens, Belgium
Laura-Madeleine Engler, Germany
Eva Frischling, Austria
Dawid Galiński, Poland
Jakob Huger, Austria

In each category, the TOP 3 photographers will be awarded with Bronze, Silver and Golden Cameras. The winners of the Golden Cameras will also compete for the competition’s overall winner’s title, the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2019.

The FEP Awards ceremony where the finalists (from 4th place to 10th place) will receive their certificates and the TOP 3 winners will receive their trophies, will take place Saturday, March 16, at the Haus der Musik, Innsbruck, Austria at 7 pm.

The TOP 10 in each category will soon receive a specific invitation by email for the Awards Ceremony.

During the same ceremony, also the FETA 2019 winner will be announced and the finalists presented and awarded.

All the other photographers getting single awards for their images, but who are not within the TOP 10, will receive their certificates by email after the event and their awarded images will be published online.

Finally, congratulations to all of the finalists on your excellent achievements! We hope to see many of you in Innsbruck!