QEP/MQEP judging session November 2017, official results




23905273 1785747658111569 1039467249824316933 nQEP and MQEP judging session, November 2017, Official ResultsWe are happy to announce that at the 36th session of the FEP European Qualifications held in Rome, Italy, on November 25 and 26, 2017, 3 Master QEP and 18 new QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded. Congratulations to:


MASTER QEPs:Antonio Barrella, Italy, (2nd) Master QEPDavide Cerati, Italy, (2nd) Master QEPWilliam Moureaux, France, Master QEPQEPs:Ismael Aguilar Flores, Spain, QEP Wedding
Paula Canetas, Portugal, QEP Portrait
Fernando Cerrone, Italy, QEP Wedding
Zéka Defond, France, QEP Fashion
José Fangueiro, Switzerland, QEP Reportage
Daniel Freeman, UK, QEP Nightscapes
Antti Hallakorpi, Finland, QEP Commercial
Cecilie Hatløy, Norway, QEP Portrait
Marjolijn Lamme, Netherlands, QEP Reportage
Jacky Lecanu, France, QEP Portrait
Alain Martineau,France, QEP Portrait
Tony Nielsen, Denmark, QEP Kids Photography
Nuno Pinto, Portugal, QEP Wedding
Evi Polak, Belgium, QEP Reportage
Plume Roland, France, QEP Portrait
Evelien Sikkema, Netherlands, QEP Portrait
Jan Šmid, Czech Republic, QEP Landscape
Philippe Uglietta, Spain, QEP PortraitCongratulations to all!Picture by Adriano Scognamillo, QEP, Italy

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