QEP and MQEP July 2017, Official results

ùRH FEP 2017-4QEP and MQEP judging session, July 2017, Official Results

We are happy to announce that at the 35th session of the FEP European Qualifications held in Falmouth, UK, on July 8-9, 2017, 6 Master QEPs and 20 new QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded. Congratulations to:

Valeria Cassina, Spain, MQEP
Bryn Griffiths, United Kingdom, MQEP
Andy J.J. Hens, Germany, 2nd MQEP
Steven Massart, Belgium, MQEP
Peter Svoboda, Slovakia, MQEP
Jos Verhoogen, Belgium, MQEP


Therese Asplund, Sweden, QEP Portrait
Michael Böhmländer, Austria, QEP Landscape
Thibault Chappe, France, QEP Wedding
Etienne Clotis, France, QEP Portrait
Marie de Verdier Persson, Sweden, QEP Portrait
Åsa Deleau Wiklund, Sweden, QEP Portrait
Karina Jønson, Denmark, QEP Reportage (Posthumous)
Jacky Lecanu, France, QEP Portrait
Rastislav Margus, Czech Republic, QEP Reportage
Piroska Mihalka, Belgium, QEP Illustrative / Fine Art
Eva Rosaria Moreira de Barros, Portugal, QEP Portrait
Martin Morel, France, QEP Wildlife
Paulo Jorge Nunes Pinto, Portugal, QEP Wedding
José Manuel Ortega Romero, Spain, QEP Illustrative / Digital art
Jose Miguel Ortiz Morel, Spain, QEP Wedding 
Grietje Ost, Belgium, QEP Portrait
Inmaculada Purriños Souto, Spain, QEP Architecture
Daniel Sousa Malandra, Spain, QEP Wedding
Martin Steenhaut, Belgium, QEP Wildlife 
Laila Versemann, Denmark, QEP Portrait

Pictures by Robert Heron


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