World Photographic Cup 2018

World Photographic Cup 2018 is opening soon: are you ready for a new exciting ride?The edition number 5 of this amazing photographic team competition, created on 2013 by FEP and PPA, will open on July 1, 2017.

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About 35 countries in the last years entered the World Photographic Cup, the one of a kind Olympic styled team competition. New entries are announced from South America and other continents, making the contest really global.
Which country will take over the top spot from team Portugal? United States, Russia, (2nd and 3rd place finishers in 2017) or one of the other about 30 countries from 4 continents, which had outstanding submissions and participated in the 4 previous editions? Will the European double defending champions be ready to face a new challenge coming for across the oceans?
In the WPC the most talented photographers represent their country and compete for individual gold, silver and bronze medals in all the 6 categories, while the national teams as a whole will represent the countries, and the best team will grab the WORLD PHOTOGRAPHIC CUP 2018!
Winners announcement: after the amazing ceremonies in USA, France, Portugal and Japan… next year the WPC winners announcement will be held in cooperation with the AIPP, on May 6th, 2018, at SeaWorld – Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
NEW! WPC Nation Awards: Entering the WPC, everybody is a winner: this is now true more than ever: National Awards certificates will be given to the authors of the highest scored image of each and all entered teams!
NEW! Visit the brand new WPC Website, now online at 
NEW! WPC Community on Facebook: join the newborn open group at , get informed and inspired sharing your thoughts with the best photographers from around the world…
WPC Partners
We are also happy to inform you that we just signed an agreement for tightening the relationships with our GOLD SPONSOR ChromaLuxe, and with KoyLab. We will organize with those prestigious brands a continuous cooperation on our initiatives, including some nice surprises for the WPC Community on Facebook, and, soon, on the other major social media!