FEP Photographer of the Year Awards 2017: Finalists announced

knightFEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2017, finalists announcement
We are now happy to publish the names, in alphabetic order, of the finalists of the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2017.
This competition reached a record number of almost 2000 pictures this year, coming from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and UK. 
Each category has 10 finalists and, between them, the “TOP 3” will be the winners and they will get their Bronze, Silver and Golden Cameras. The Golden Cameras will also compete for the competition “overall winner” who will be awarded as the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2017.
Finalists (from 4th place to 10th place) will receive their certitificates and the winners will be awarded with their trophies at the FEP Awards Ceremony which will be held on Sunday, April 2, at the Palazzo Platamone, Catania, Italy.
TOP 10
Christian Boontjes, Netherland
Günther Egger, Austria 
Antti Karppinen, Finland
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Steven Massart, Belgium
Donal Murphy, Ireland
Gerry O’Leary, Ireland
Reginald Tackoen, Belgium
Peter Verplancke, Belgium
Blaž Zupan?i?, Slovenia
Fernando Branquinho, Portugal
Günther Egger, Austria
Frøydis Geithus, Norway
Linda Leitner, Austria
Edgar Raphael, Portugal
Malou Reedorf, Denmark 
Xanti Rodriguez, Spain
Michael Schnabl, Austria
Reginald Tackoen, Belgium
Natasha Volk, Ukraine 
Therese Asplund, Sweden
Peter Cakovsky, Slovakia 
Mikaela Holmberg, Finland 
Antti Karppinen, Finland
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Petteri Löppönen, Finland
Jose Manuel Ortega Romero, Spain 
Xanti Rodriguez, Spain
Serge Strelnikoff, Russia
Michal Zahornacky, Slovakia
Michael Böhmländer, Austria
Stefan Brenner, Austria
Tom D. Jones, Belgium
Sonja Jordan, Austria
Levani Levanidze, Georgia
Torsten Muehlbacher, Austria
Steven Put, Belgium
Irakli Shavgulidze, Georgia
Peter Svoboda, Slovakia 
Markus van Hauten, Germany
Vicente Esteban, Spain
Mikaela Holmberg, Finland
Terri Lindholm, Sweden 
Guido Pelgrim, Netherland
Natalia Pipkina, Norway
Suvi Roiko, Finland
Igor Sakharov, Russia
Suvi Sievilä, Finland
Vesa Tyni, Finland
Juhamatti Vahdersalo, Finland
Martin Balaz, Slovakia
Rui Caria, Portugal
Roberto Colacioppo, Italy
Antonio Gibotta, Italy
Jesus Jimenez, Spain
Rastislav Margus, Czech Republic
William Moureaux, France
Marcos Rodríguez, Spain
Markus Schmuck, Germany
Gio Versyck, Belgium
Therese Asplund, Sweden 
Christian Boontjes, Netherland
Matthias Hangst, Germany
Simon Hausberger, Austria
Stefan Kothner, Austria 
Herbert Kratky, Austria
Andre Schönherr, Austria
Alois Spandl, Austria 
David Tett, UK
Heleen Vink, Netherland
Iuri Akopov, Georgia
David Anton, Germany
Nevzat Basaran, Denmark
Thibault Chappe, France
Pavol Delej, Slovakia
Frøydis Geithus, Norway
Jose Luis Guardia Peinado, Spain
Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez, Spain
Antonio Martin, Spain
Carlos Felipe Ortiz, Spain
Patrik Bartuska, Czech Republic
Stefan Brenner, Austria
Ann Coppens, Belgium
Michael Finn, Ireland
Tom D. Jones, Belgium
Rastislav Margus, Czech Republic
Karel Mus, Belgium
Seppo Rintala, Finland 
Michael Schnabl, Austria
Søren Sviland, Norway
Hiep Duong Chi, Czech Republic
Don Raça, Kosovo
Luis Rüsing, Germany
Laura Wallkötter, Germany
These photographers, “top 10” in each category, will receive a specific invitation for the Awards Ceremony. 
All the other photographers who got single awards, but who are not within the top 10, will receive their certificates after the event and their award will be published online.
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