FEP Events 2017

2017The FEP General Assembly 2017, the FEP Photo Day, and the FEP Awards Ceremony will be held in Catania, Italy, on Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd of April, 2017.  
Here is the complete event list of the year 2017:
– February 23, Yokohama, Japan, World Photograhic Cup, winners announcement 
– April 2-3, Catania, Italy, FEP International Photo Day, FEP Book Prize winners announcement, FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2017 Award -Ceremony and FEP General Assembly meeting
– July, 8-10, Falmouth, United Kingdom, QEP/MQEP Judging Session and FEP Board meeting 
– November 25-27, Tbilisi, Georgia, QEP/MQEP Judging Session and FEP Board meeting