FETA Award 2016, Official results

FETA logoOKThe FEP FETA Award 2016 goes to Priscilla Pallante, Italy

In 2013, The Federation of European Photographers, in collaboration with a number of Universities and Colleges, introduced a new photographic award for young photographers. The aim is to encourage and recognise the high standard of photographic image making taking place in Europe by final year University students and newly qualified young photographers. 

This year’s recipient Mrs. Priscilla Pallante, a 24 years old Photo Student at the IED – European Institute of Design, Rome, Italy, has been selected among the students from 6 European countries which enter the annual FETA Award, (FEP Emerging Talent Award) dedicated t to best students and young photographer and organized by the Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP) and some educational institutions in Europe. She has also been nominated as the winner of the IPC/Kunio Yatomi, a  Scholarship of US $ 1000 by International Photographic Council (IPC),  a Non-governmental organization of the United Nations,  presented bi-annually by International Photographic Council (IPC). The scholarship was created in 1992 in a collaboration between IPC and JPEA in honor of the late Mr. Kunio Yatomi who was one of the pioneers in the photographic industry of Japan. In 2016 IPC will have two Kunio Yatomi Scholarships, one to a graduate student Kazuhiro Otsuka from Tokai University in Japan to be awarded at the JPEA Annual conference in Tokyo and one to an European Student majors in photo-imaging with outstanding achievement. 
FETA Award 2016 and the combined IPC prize ceremony took place on November 20, 2016, at the photographic institute  FotoVak School, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The FETA Chairman Jim Lowe and the European Representative of IPC, Tor Weatherstone, led the Ceremony.
Among others, in her application Priscilla Pallante writes: “The photography I love is the one that can show the unseen, the one that grows in time, influenced by the memory: my images are the result of a process of observation and manipulation. Today my research focuses on the relationship between photography and new technologies (such as 3D print), in order to investigate new strategies to represent worlds that otherwise couldn’t be represented.” Jim Lowe, Chairman of the FEP Emerging Talent Award (FETA) commented, that there was an extremely high standard of photographic imagery in this years’ submissions for the Award and added: “Such incredible imagery is taking our profession to a new level and this bodes well, not only for the future of the award, but perhaps more importantly for the future of the photographic profession in Europe. The Award is open to talented young students of photography from Colleges and Universities across Europe who have just completed their photographic studies. The panels of imagery submitted for the FETA award gives viewers an insight into the work produced by these young photographers from different countries. The depth of creativity and technical skills shown by these talented young photographers from all over Europe is excellent. ’The future is bright’ . The work of this year’s winner Priscilla Pallante from Italy demonstrated a high level of both creativity and technical skills expected for the award. It is series of mystical and thought provoking images beautifully shot, using controlled and sensitive blue tinted lighting showing a distinct and personal vision of her subject. Priscilla, is a worthy winner in this exciting new international photographic award for young photographers.” 

The FEP international panel of judges,  assigned also merit certificates to (In alphabetic order): 

Linnea Ernofsson, Falmouth University, United Kingdom; 

Gina Reinholz, Bildungszentrum, Handwerkskammer, Dortmund, Germany; 

Martin Vocadlo, Faculty of Art and Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyn? University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic; 

Laura Wallkötter, Bildungszentrum, Handwerkskammer, Dortmund, Germany


More information about FEP FETA Award can be obtained clicking HERE